Get control over required page readers

Readers is a Confluence plugin which allows you define intended Readers  (users who have to or schould) read a desired page.

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  • As a page author or space administrator:
    • Define required “Readers” for every page in your Confluence.
    • Give them due date and optionally send them notification to the Confluence Notifications Centre.
    • Track real-time who of them already read your page or not and be informed if they catched the due date or still waiting.
    • Just select item “Readers” from the page menu and click on “Add readers”.
  • As a standard user (“Reader”):
    • Get notifications, which page you are required to read.
    • All you have to do is read that required page. Your reading will be confirmed as soon as you visit the page.
    • You can check the request as well. Just select item “Readers” from the page menu.


Confluence Readers – Brief User Guide